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Dr.G began broadcasting in the U.S. in 2007.  His weekly radio talk-shows (wsRADIO and KFNX1100) featured guests from the world of medicine, psychology, business, politics, sports and entertainment.


Trailblazers w/ Dr. Howard Gluss engages renowned individuals from the fields of Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Technology, Science, Business, and Public Affairs. An expert at finding the story behind the story, Dr. Gluss  examines how our passions are discovered, embraced and become a force to create cultural and social change.


On hiatus while Dr. Gluss and KeyLight prepare for the television expansion (see "Elevation"), you can listen to any of our Guests and topics whenever you want.



from the archives, search for the specific broadcast by "show date" or by using "search" and entering the Guest's name.



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