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Psychology and the Creative Process

Howard M. Gluss, Ph.D. offers the opportunity to experience the fusion of psychology and the creative process.



Consulting aids with character development from a psychological point of view from inception to final draft.
Psychological script consulting focuses on individual personality psychodynamics and development, mental disease, addiction, personality disorders, psychotic / neurotic behavior, family, intimate and personal relationships.


Consulting is designed specifically for writers, actors, directors, producers, and studio executives.  It offers a remarkable way to not only understand and create believable characters and storylines but to embrace and expand the artist creative process.






Onsite consulting is available for individuals, studios and productions. Consulting can be customized and presented to fit production needs.



REEL PEOPLE: Psychology and the Characters You Create

Based on the theories developed in Dr. Gluss' book REEL PEOPLE: Finding Ourselves in the Movies, this seminar is designed specifically for writers, actors, directors, and producers.

ARTIST LIFE: Psychology and the Audition

Auditioning should be a creative process that deepens an actor's awareness of self - not something that hinders. Unfortunately, for most it is a great source of stress and anxiety that minimizes their abilities.

STARCROSS: Influence, Motivation, and Management Between Corporate and Creative Talent

Bridging the gap between psychology and the hands-on process of understanding, communicating, and working with creative talent.

WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE: Surviving Success

Designed for the creative artist as well as the executive. Exploring the nature of success and the task of surviving its legacy.