Finding Ourselves in the Movies


Finding Ourselves in the Movies
by Howard M. Gluss, Ph.D.

with Scott Edward Smith


With REEL PEOPLE, you will discover a valuable resource to creating believable stories and authentic characters. Using many of the techniques Dr. Gluss employs in his technical consulting work, REEL PEOPLE gives you a way to "psychoanalyze" characters and in the process make them come to life - aiding in the development of complex stories and compelling characterizations.




  • The Antisocial Personality

  • The Histrionic Personality

  • The Paranoid Personality

  • The Narcissistic Personality

  • The Borderline Personality

  • The Obsessive-Compulsive Personality

  • The Schizoid Personality

  • The Masochistic Personality


Buzz on the book REEL PEOPLE

"What a great aid to writing your book REEL PEOPLE has been for me. A cast of strong, coherent characters is the basis of all truly good films -- and the hardest thing for writers to master. Nothing I've ever read has been as helpful as your analysis. Finally, an aid to screenwriters, beginning or veteran, that gives us a handle on the mysterious process of character creation. Now when there's something "off" about one of my characters, I've got a way to put him back on track. Not only that, but it's a real treat to read: instructive, engaging, and fun."

Don Roos, Director/Screenwriter

Bounce,The Opposite of Sex, Boys On The Side, Love Field

"REEL PEOPLE is an insightful analytical tool, invaluable not only to writers, but also to anyone looking to better understand characters, and for that matter, possibly themselves. Dr. Gluss has chosen excellent examples from films to illustrate his points, achieving the exceptional feat of making the reading as entertaining as watching the characters on screen. Dump your shrink and buy this book!"

Gary Levinsohn, Producer

The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan, A Simple Plan, Tomb Raider


"Here now is a very thorough study of film personas . A fascinating look into the psychology that lies behind a wide variety of character types. It relies on in-depth research and is a valuable aid to any screenwriter."

David Parfitt, Producer

Shakespeare In Love, Wings of the Dove, Henry V, My Weekend with Marilyn

"Through careful research, clinical experience, and a prodigious knowledge of cinema, author-psychotherapist Dr. Howard Gluss has written a book both scholarly and entertaining. Rich in detail, his fascinating treatise surveys memorable personality archetypes depicted in film - what they represent, why we celebrate them, and sometimes even make them our metaphors for living. The author has given us a big helping of new knowledge, seasoned with spicy facts, humor and nostalgia. This is a reading must not only for movie-makers and movie-lovers but for anyone interested in the creative process."

William Luce, Playwright/Screenwriter

The Belle of Amherst, Barrymore, The Last Days of Patton


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