REEL PEOPLE SEMINARS - Psychology and the characters you create

Based on the theories developed in the book REEL PEOPLE: Finding Ourselves in the Movies, this seminar is designed specifically for writers, actors, directors, and producers.

REELPEOPLE seminars offer a remarkable way to not only understand and create believable characters and storyline but to embrace and expand the artist's creative process. REELPEOPLE gives you the tools to psychoanalyze your creations, to literally “put them on the couch", and in the process make them come to life.



Auditioning should be a creative process that deepens an actor's awareness of self - not something that hinders. Unfortunately, for most it is a great source of stress and anxiety that minimizes their abilities. Auditioning tends to deaden creativity - rather than be a source of inspiration.  The purpose of this seminar is that an actor, by gaining a deeper psychological understanding of himself or herself in relationship to the auditioning process, will be able to increase their potential of getting the part



The workshop will be divided into four parts:


PART ONE: The unconscious dynamics of auditioning - Auditions can represent great moments of transitions, enabling actors to feel very powerful - or they can be traumatic experiences. How an artist maneuvers psychologically around the complexities and intensity of the experience can make all the difference between success and failure.


PART TWO: The role of the "self".  We have basically two choices in life. We can either grow through our experiences or remain stagnant. Being who we are as an artists means being in the moment - as intensely and robustly as possible. Auditioning should be a transformational process that increases artistic awareness.



PART THREE: The power of anxiety.  Anxiety should be a source of empowerment. Our fears should motivate us towards growth. Auditioning should be understood as an invitation to be creative. It is an opportunity to feel secure and live on the edge. Through the establishment of powerful internalized safety zones, actors will successfully learn to

extend their personalities beyond what they perceive as normal.


PART FOUR: Creating powerful relationships - We are as powerful as the relationships that we create. Empathetic attachment to our audition means minimizing external boundaries and increasing spontaneity that will be needed in creating healthy relationships.


This workshop will be theoretical and practical. Actors will be asked to perform monologues and scenes both on and off-camera. Videotape feedback will be used to aid in facilitating the audition process.


STARCROSS SEMINARS  - Influence, motivation, and management between corporate and creative talent

Designed specifically for the film and television producer or executive, the STARCROSS Seminar offers the opportunity to look closely at what makes those at the center of the creative process tick - the creative artist. This seminar bridges the gap between psychology as an abstract theory and the hands-on process of understanding, communicating, and working with creative talent.


WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE SEMINARS - surviving success and the six thriving principles


Designed for the creative artist as well as the executive, this seminar explores the nature of success and the task of surviving its legacy.


WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE examines the motivating forces behind success and the pitfalls that occur far too often when success becomes a reality.